ZYGOS ACADEMY is a newly founded education provider for legal professionals in Cyprus. ZYGOS ACADEMY falls under the umbrella of Softline Computer Systems which has been helping, since 1996, law firms all around Cyprus transit into a more digital and technologically dependent environment through their widely known legal management software Zygos.

ZYGOS ACADEMY’s vision is to provide first-class education services to every legal professional around Cyprus. Our team scouts for and collaborates with high-qualified professionals of various areas of expertise who will offer their services by delivering a wide range of seminars and workshops.

Our workshops and seminars will satisfy your need for professional development and will assist you in the development of skills and knowledge regarding recent matters that interest the legal world. Moreover, they will not only provide you with an in-depth knowledge of each topic but also give you all the necessary CPDs the CBA requires.

Our moto: Stay ahead of the game     Our goal: Educate the legal world